How Do I Test My Mixer Stream? Tips And Tricks


The Mixer is the next gen-Z streaming platform that offers its audience a generous amount of options and possibilities that other streaming services lack. The Mixer is a streaming platform similar to Twitch or YouTube live.

It allows creators to jump-start their streaming career. It can genuinely surprise both the streamer and viewers with its refreshing streaming protocol, which does not allow any delay and meets the need for fast and clear streaming.

Do you want to know, that can you stream with Mixer on pc? Here is how to get started!

How To Start Streaming On Mixer?

Generally, if you are a smaller streamer, newer sites and media are more comfortable to grow because they are not so inundated with so many people trying to stream on them.

Some steps to start on the Mixer are as follows:

  1. Creating an account- sign in through your Microsoft account; if you don’t have one, you can even use your twitter account or discord.

  2. Change the username and update the profile picture.

  3. Attach payment options so your watchers can tip you. Navigate to donation settings and click PayPal and fill out your credentials so donations can go to your account. You can also facilitate other payment alternatives like credit cards cryptocurrencies through Coinbase and more.

  4. Make sure to copy the URL for your donations and place it somewhere your watchers can see on your channel.

  5. Now to customize your account, you will have to click the broadcast dashboard.

  6. Keep an avatar or logo and social thumbnail so that whenever you update any video audience will identify your brand.

  7. Edit your channel description as well.

  8. Keep your recordings with you as it disappears after 14 days.

how to stream on mixer with obs

What Is OBS?

OBS stands for open broadcaster software. It is a free open source live video production software that can live stream and record video, and audio OBS is supported by a large community of developers worldwide.

How To Stream On Mixer With OBS

Most of the pro gamers tend to use their PC for broadcasting their live play game. The Mixer allows its user to set up everything easily without having any significant problems if you follow the following instructions.

Some step to stream on Mixer with OBS is as follows:

  • Download the OBS studio if you don’t already have it installed on your PC.

  • When you have installed it on your PC, you’ll encounter a black canvas. Proceed with the ‘Sources’ panel at the bottom of the program and click the ‘+’ button, then select.’

  • Game capture’ from the menu that pops up. Enter a suitable name, click OK, and then select the ‘Capture specific window’ option. Use the Window menu to choose the game you have running and click OK.

  • Use the auto-configuration wizard tool, select ‘optimize for streaming’.

Select the service you’d like to use. We’ll be selecting Mixer, with two options: FTL and RTMP. FTL is Mixer’s faster than light technology, which reduces the delay when a viewer comments on what’s happening on your stream.

It would help if you then pasted your Stream key into the relevant box, and leave two options of ‘hardware encoding’ and ‘estimate bitrate with bandwidth test’ ticked. You will be asked to connect your Mixer account.

Now that’s out of the way, and it’s time to launch the game you want to stream in OBS Studio.

How To Stream On Mixer Xbox one?

Streaming on Mixer is a great way to showcase your talent and build the community around what you love, but so many people don’t get started because they feel like they need all this fancy equipment. Here you’re going to learn precisely how to begin streaming on Mixer directly from your Xbox without an actual PC.

how to save streams on mixer

  • Activate Broadcast: To activate broadcasting on your Xbox controller, hit the middle button to bring up the menu. Go over to settings and select the account tab, then move over to privacy and online safety. Select Xbox Live privacy under it, you will see a child, teen, and adult default options. Now, you may not have an adult account, so you may need to consult with the adult account holder to go ahead and make these changes to activate broadcasting. If you already have one go ahead and select view details to customize.

  • Console Update: access the menu guide to making sure your console is updated. Go to settings under settings, select the actual system tab, then select update and downloads.

  • Internet Speed: check your internet speed to make sure that your stream does not lag.

  • Going live: To start your actual broadcast, the first thing you have to do is load up the game you’re going to play. Once you upload the game, go ahead and access the actual navigation screen. In the broadcast section, select set up the broadcast. Now you’re ready, all you need to do is hit start broadcast.

mixer livestream

Interact With Your Audience:

Mixer is acclaimed for its friendly community. It offers you a way which allows you to keep an eye on who is tuning in. It also provides you the advantage of having a chat box where you can send various emoticon and help you interact with your audience.

To take your live stream to another level of entertainment, it has an option which lets you add specific scenes and more sources in OBS Studio.

How To Test The Mixer On Stream

Open the settings pane by clicking your profile picture in the upper right of the desktop website. Go to the Broadcast Dashboard in the Setting pane. In the Test Streams section, toggle Enable Test Mode.

Once you have enabled test stream mode, you will see a bar on the top whenever you broadcast.

Tips To Remember:

You might be wondering how even to get started when it comes to improving your stream. There are some things which every streamer should be aware of, like:

  1. Make your audience a part of your community. Find a way to include your community in some way.

  2. Be realistic with your goals, and don’t hesitate to make friends with other streamers who share similar interests.

  3. Find what makes you love streaming and play into that!

  4. Play what you’re passionate about, and don’t worry about what is popular.

  5. It’s not the platform that makes the content people come for; it’s the Creator that makes the content.

  6. Make sure not to compare with others; focus on your journey as each channel grows in its way.

  7. Focus on what your brand means and how it applies to your community.

  8. Networking is huge. Not enough people leverage people in your local community to establish yourself as a content creator. The establishment is vital at this point.

  9. Make sure you use uncomplicated branding.


Streaming is a reliable way to start creating content, building a dedicated audience. With programs like OBS being free and Microsoft is allowing you to stream directly from your Xbox. The accessibility to start streaming has never been easier.

Still, after that first stream, you realize a lot more goes into live streaming than once thought. We don’t all start as a chef; we have to cook and learn to become great at cooking; these principles also apply on streaming.