Best Karaoke Machine For Kids – Buying Guide & Reviews


  1. Singing Machine SML-283P
  2. VTech Karaoke Machine
  3. Weird Tails Karaoke Player
  4. Singing Machine SML385UW

This is every child’s passion for singing, dancing, learning, and enjoying. Indeed, the best way to enhance the skills of your child is to get him a good quality karaoke machine.

These small devices are full of life, light, interactive qualities, and endless fun. From a plethora of karaoke machines, you can choose the one that proves to be the best alternative for your kid or toddler according to his age, liking, gender, and style.

The parents are pampering their kids with the best devices produced ever. These are unique and help in the overall development of your child, be it the cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and motor skills.

Your child deserves the best in the whole world!! Select one from the most exceptional educational, portable, standing, handheld, or the one you and your child like.

We have categorized them according to their features and qualities for your convenience and ease.

Toddler Karaoke Machines: A QUICK COMPARISON

★ Best Overall ★

Singing Machine SML-283P

Singing Machine SML-283P
  • Built-In Disco Lights
  • Vertical Load CDG Player
  • Portable Karaoke Machine

★ Premium Choice ★

VTech Karaoke Machine

VTech Karaoke Machine
  • Best For Louder Singing
  • Very Sturdy & Strong
  • Controls Are Easy To Operate

★ Best Budget ★

Singing Machine SML385UW

Singing Machine SML385UW
  • 2-Digital LED Display
  • 2-Digital LED Display
  • 54 LED Disco Lights Included

Best Children Karaoke Machine Reviews 2022

Most Portable Karaoke Machine

A karaoke machine that is portable, compact and can be placed easily anywhere. Available in powerful colors of black and pink with mesmerizing lights. You can buy this beautiful karaoke machine for your kid and gift on his or her birthday too.

1. Singing Machine SML-283P CDG

Another fancy and attractive singing machine that is handy and comfy to carry and position anywhere. This is a lightweight system which is available in pink or black color that features a front-loading CD player and enables music CD’s or CD graphics.

It is complete fun for kids with its mesmerizing light show and gives a top-notch sound quality. The SML-283P CDG features built-in speakers that echo and balance controls to enhance sound quality with auto voice control.

More than one person can use and get into the fun with two microphone jacks that has dedicated volume controls. A perfect player for play dates, siblings, and curious kids.

In case you want to double the fun, then an RCA cable will work great for establishing connections with your television. The kids will love the on-screen lyrics while they perform. The AVC (auto voice control) maintains the sound and lead vocals.


  • A player that is portable vertical load CDG player along with disco light effects
  • Possesses a 2 Digit LED display, line in to connect to different devices
  • Features 2 microphone jacks with volume control
  • Balance, echo, and auto voice controls
  • Features a durable built-in speaker


  • Does not work for a longer time

Best Standing Karaoke Machine

If you want to perform and feel like a star then this standing karaoke machine is probably the best of all. A beautiful atmosphere can be created with the Vtech Kidi star karaoke machine.

1. VTech Kidi Star Karaoke Machine For Toddlers

Your kid can confidently take centre stage with this standing karaoke machine and feel like a star in the spotlight. You can grab the microphone and use the music magic mode to turn down the main vocal track to your favorite songs, and can be a partner of your kid’s stardom.

You can easily connect the MP3 player or mobile devices with the audio cable and play your favorite tunes. You can choose songs from your own collection or sing along with the eight original songs.

For colorful light affects you can twist the disco lights at 180 degrees for light affects that are colorful and mesmerizing.

Create a beautiful atmosphere of singing and dancing, and can add audience sounds like cheering, laughter, applause, that works great for your onstage concert!! You can record your voice for about five minutes and later add voice-changing effects to enjoy your performance. The right time to shine!!


  • The music magic mode turns down the original voice of included songs that are accessed through a mobile device
  • This connects through MP3 players, mobile devices with audio cable, so that you can play your favorite songs from your collection
  • For bright and colorful affects you can twist the disco lights at 180 degrees, that create a soothing atmosphere for dancing and dancing
  • The karaoke machine includes a built-in recorder and can easily record up to five minutes
  • This includes six built-in games, a voice changer that has different voice effects


  • Microphone sound isn’t good
  • Durability issues

Best Overall Karaoke Player

This is a multi-function karaoke microphone with best qualities of sound quality, and compatibility while operation. This works wonderfully, if you are seeking some stunning KTV live-sound with no distortion, hissing or static noise. This handheld microphone is easy to operate and use.

1. Weird Tails Wireless Karaoke Microphone

The weird tails, a wireless karaoke microphone which delivers excellent sound quality, with a three-layer high-density noise reduction and magic sound function. This has the capability to deliver stereo and clear sound with echo reverberation.

This generates a more stunning KTV live-sound, no distortion, static or no hissing noise. This is certainly a superb microphone for family party, car stereo, musical instrument recording, interview and live.

This is a multi-function, wireless karaoke machine and also a Bluetooth speaker with clear sound. You can do good recording while the Bluetooth is connected and can put your headphones for recording your voice. The recording goes in the phone app and not the microphone.

This is universally compatible and easy to operate and can be connected with 3.5 mm audio jack or Bluetooth to your iPhone, iPad, Mac, laptops, TV’s, MP3 players or Pc for music entertainment.

This is portable, easy to hold, and enables handsfree singing. The magical voice-changing feature is also appreciable and features five sound modes like the original, female voice, male voice, child voice, old man voice etc.

The design is quite comfortable for your hand and comes with a 12-month warranty with friendly customer service, and a 60-day refund in case of any damage or defect.


  • Provides excellent sound quality
  • A multi-function karaoke microphone that records your voice brilliantly
  • This is universally compatible and easy to operate
  • This is a magical-voice changing one
  • You get a 12-month warranty with customer service and a 60-day full refund


  • Direction translation to English is not proper

Best Karaoke With Disco Lights

This is the most mesmerizing karaoke system that features disco lights with impressive functionality. This karaoke is extremely useful for you child’s development and growth. If you are looking for a glamorous one then this is a good one to purchase.

1. Singing Machine SML385UW

An amazing karaoke machine which is relatively affordable, that grows with your child, and comes in appealing black and white colors. This is compatible with your CD’s, Bluetooth, wireless streaming form Amazon Prime Music, Spotify, You tube, and all your favorite music services. This features two microphone jacks, and proves useful if you have one more child that allows harmonious play.

You can have plenty of fun while you perform and enjoy the display of multi-colored LED lights (50) with echo controls for voice effects. You can connect the karaoke machine to your TV using RCA cables and follow the lyrics on screen.


  • This is a top loading CD player that plays music plus CD and graphics
  • The 54 LED disco lights with dimmer setting lets you have a control at the party ambience
  • The built-in speaker placed in the wood cabinet provides powerful sound
  • Compatible with USB to record your performance or to play your saved songs
  • This has a 2-digital LED display that lets you know your sound track
  • The RCAL cables connect to your television set for scrolling lyrics for instant plug and play fun
  • Features a bluetooth for wireless digital audio streaming from compatible devices


  • Issues related to the product quality
  • Parts are fragile


Looking for the most appropriate features is a must!!

Age Appropriateness

It is very important to have a product that is the most age-appropriate, for example a younger child would find it rather silly to use a much easier option with a simple design.

Likewise, the young toddlers will get confused with the complicated functions if the karaoke system is not according to their age level. Most of the manufacturer’s recommend the ages on the machine and before investing in one of them you should match it with your toddlers age.

little girl karaoke machine


When it is singing and entertainment and kids want some real fun then a portable and compact karaoke machine works great. Your kid’s talent can be part of the family fun and entertainment. The features such as the handle of the machine, light weight, and ease to carry with the cover should also be checked beforehand.

minnie mouse karaoke machine


Some of the karaoke machines play with CD’s, and the song choices will stay limited for you then. The models that are Bluetooth enabled should be the first choice and this will allow you to explore and use a wide variety and range of songs.

It will be a costly affair if you will keep on spending money for your CD’s now and then. It is better to have a smartphone or a tablet connection for ease and comfort.


This is another important feature without which a karaoke machine is useless. A device which shows good connectivity is the best, if any connections have to be established, a compatible one will always stay strong.

If connections have to be made with TV or PC then you need to get extra cables or purchase them.

kids karaoke cds


I think it is funny to mention that a product that will be used by kids should be durable. Naughtiness defines kids, and these little ones can be real nasty with their toys sometimes.

Buy a one that is ready to withstand the abuse, kicking, dropping, by these cute little monsters. Ensure that the plastic or metal material is strong and durable to use.

karaoke machines for kids

Power Source

The built-in rechargeable batteries are far better than the other batteries for kids or anyone. The normal batteries are the ones that we tend to misplace them, or have to throw the dead ones.

A plug-in unit or the one with the built-in rechargeable batteries are a safe choice for children. Since it is regarding the safety of children, so choose a one that is safe and easy to operate.

The Wrap Up

You can easily purchase a karaoke machine after going thoroughly about their features, benefits and utility. These wonderful, interactive, exciting piece of music systems are a brilliant option for your kid to use and explore more music.

These karaoke machines are worth every penny you spend and helps your child to develop his singing skills. This is one of the best gifts you can present to your loved one on birthday.

The karaoke can be taken along for a party, get together, musical jams, evening party and the vibrant music of the karaoke can fill the atmosphere with a lot of fun and entertainment. You can buy and experience the difference yourself!