Steps To Use Single Jack Headset On PC

how to use headset mic on pc with one jack

The Evolution Of Headsets

In the 1880s the telephone operators had used the first headsets ever. Those headphones were never easily portable. They weighed up to 5 KGs.

These used to be placed on the shoulder of the person hearing the audio along with the audio device itself. The original portable headphone was invented in the year 1910.

Then the headset got evolved from Stereo phones; Walkman; iPod; and now standing as wireless Bluetooth headsets and air pods of Apple.

What Is A Headset Jack?

The headset jack, also known as headphone connector is a slightly big pin-like structure that is used to connect the headset to an audio device such as a mobile, PC, laptop, etc. It is used for the reception and transmitting of audio analog signals. There are different types of headphone jacks as listed below.

Types Of Headphone Jacks

The headphone connectors consist of different numbers of jacks. The common types are,

Single Jack Headphone – These are the headsets with just 1 jack, that is responsible for both receiving the audio from the device and sending input to the device such as our voice through the microphone.

can a headphone jack be used as an input

Double Jack Headphone – These headsets have two jacks specifically designed for either purpose of sending and receiving the audio signals.

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Where The Problem Arises?

Although the type of headset seems like it has nothing to do to create an issue, the number of jacks can be sometimes an important factor for using the headset. Old PCs had two ports separately designed for input and output signals.

Since most of the older headphones were double jack headphones, those computers were designed like that. But recent manufacturers prefer only single jack headsets. We cannot just put our single jack headset in any of these ports in an older PC.

However, new PCs are coming with two ports in that the second port can be used for both input and output simultaneously. Although the headsets have evolved, still there are many people using older computers. So, a splitter can be used in these cases.

What Is Splitter?

A splitter is a device or a connector that can be used to connect your single jack headset to the double ports of the CPU. The splitter will be having two jacks for itself that can be connected to the two ports in the CPU.

But what if we do not have a splitter or we don’t want to use a splitter to connect a single jack headset to the PC? An additional setting will be needed to fix this issue.

where do i plug my headset into my computer

It’s Not An Issue With New PCs And Laptops

In the case of new PCs, there will also be two ports for audio. The first port will be for output from the device to the listener and the second port will be for dual purposes. It can be used as both a receiver and transmitter of signals.

In laptops, there will only be 1 port that can be used for both input and output. So there won’t be any need for an additional setting or a splitter to use a single jack headphone in new PCs and Laptops.

Connecting A Single Jack Headset To The Pc Without A Splitter (Windows Os & 10)

single jack headset

In case you do not have a splitter to connect your single jack headset to your old PC, an additional setting in the control panel will help. The steps are listed below.

  • Go to Start > “Control Panel”

  • Select the option “Sound”

  • Click on the “Recording” Tab

  • There will be a list of devices that can be connected for sound

  • Select the device you plugged in and make it default

  • You can also select the “Set up Microphone” button to let the computer search for the device connected

  • Apply the changes (Properties > OK > OK)

  • Done

Connecting A Single Jack Headset To The Pc Without A Splitter (Mac Os)

  • Search for Sounds setting directly in the finder

  • You can alternatively select the Volume icon

  • Click Sound preferences

  • Get inside the Input tab from the pop-ups that appear

  • You can find the connected device

  • Make it default

  • Done

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can connect your single jack headset to the PC without using a Splitter.