Why Wouldn't A Car Come With A Cd Player?

Technology is fast changing the way we do things! What used to trend ten years ago no longer does. This is one of the reasons why many newly manufactured cars do not have factory-installed CD players.

External USB CD players for car are gradually becoming obscure. It has also been reported that many Americans are no longer buying CDs as they used to.

Many prefer using their digital devices to view whatever they want to view. So, this could mean bad business if car manufacturers do not up to their games.

cd players for cars without cd players

It has also been reported that Ford Motor Company did offer to roll out vehicles without a CD player, and this is something the company hasn’t done in twenty-five years! According to the report, Ford Motor Company will find a very good alternative for the CD player in vehicles.

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When Did This Start?

According to a report gathered from online media, many of the new cars without CD players started coming into the market in the year 2016. Car manufacturers like Honda and Toyota started manufacturing vehicles with no CD players.

how to play music in car without aux or cassette

Also, according to a research firm, more than 45% of cars sold in the United States of America won’t come with CD players by the year 2022.

One of the implications of this is that, in no time, this will be the trending thing in many nations of the world. You will remember how we had the phasing out of the cassette player.

So, gradually, the world will also phase out the use of cars without a CD player! It’s important you get yourself to become mentally prepared for this change.

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How Then Can I Play My Favorite Cd In A Car With No Cd Player?


I am sure you must be a CD fan to be reading this! Don’t worry! Big thanks to technological advancements! It is very possible to play CDs in a car with no CD player using an external USB CD-drive. This external device comes with USB cables with which you connect to your car’s USB port.

You Can Play Your CDs In Cars With No CD Player Following These Steps:

1. Locate the USB port of the car. The cars & cd player will definitely come with a USB port and an auxiliary port.

2. Connect the USB cable to your external USB device. (The device is not expensive). The interesting thing is that the device has been built in such a way that when it is connected to the USB port of your car, the car will see it as an iPad.

3. Then, connect the other end of your cable to the USB port of your car.


4. Once the device is connected, press open the external device and insert your CD. Then you can go ahead and play! You can make adjustments on the volume setting or any other settings on the car screen player.

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A Word Of Caution

You have to be careful to carry this external device in your car and not forget to take it wherever you want to go, if you will always need it. And, because it is movable, you’ve got to take care so that you don’t lose it in the process of carrying it around.

Alternative Ways To Play CDs In A Car With No CD Player

listen to cd in car without cd player

1. Locate the USB port of the car.

2. Then connect the USB cable to the USB port of the car.

3. When this has been done, the connection will convert the CD player to a mode in bluetooth.

4. Then, pair the audio system of your car to the bluetooth.

5. Preferably, some might want to convert the CDs to MP3s and then transfer the contents onto a flash drive. When this has been done, they can simply plug the flash drive into your car’s USB port.

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