How Can I Convert A Song To Karaoke?

What is Karaoke?

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A Karaoke track is a plain music track without any vocals that can be used by anyone to add their own vocals by singing the lyrics and recording them.

Karaoke tracks can be used by DJs at parties; Singers for vocal practice for an audition; public parties; and singing competitions.

A Karaoke can either be made from an existing song by removing the vocals or by downloading pre-made Karaoke tracks available online both for free and a cost.

However, converting and using an original song as a Karaoke has the possibility of copyright issues. There will be official releases of many Karaoke versions of popular songs by the makers themselves.

But this may take a long time for popular songs to be released as a Karaoke. Hence we need a Karaoke maker.

Can We Convert A Song Into A Karaoke Track?

Everyone is attracted to mainstream songs that are popular worldwide. Although they are not professional singers, everyone will need to sing their favorite songs themselves. Hence the need for Karaoke arises.

We can convert an available mainstream song into a Karaoke by various methods. There are some free online Karaoke converters that help. Apart from online sources, there are some apps and software for Karaoke making both for free and a cost.

We can install any of these apps and start making our own Karaoke tracks and enjoy singing. Some of this available software and the process of converting a song into Karaoke are discussed in this article.

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The Main Process Involved In Karaoke Making

How To Remove Vocal In Audacity

The basic process in Karaoke making is the removal of the vocals from the original track. We cannot remove the vocals 100%, however, we can manage to make the output somewhat submerge the vocals within other sounds and effects.

This is basically done by copying the original track and inverting it in suitable Karaoke software so that the vocals which are at the center of the stereo track are not even considered. We can cut and mix the first and the last portions from the channels of the stereo which will be the track without vocals.

Converting A Song Into Karaoke Using Audacity Software

Audacity is the world’s best free audio editing software available to everyone with a passion for music. Although this software is capable of doing many audio editing processes like recording, mixing, and editing music tracks. It also helps to remove the vocals from an existing song to create a Karaoke track. The process of converting a song into Karaoke using Audacity is explained below.

  • To create Karaoke using Audacity you have to install the application

  • Audacity works great in almost all platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux

  • After installing, launch the Audacity

  • Open the track to be converted by doing File > Open

  • Select the music file you need to convert

  • Now click on the Select button at the bottom and choose Edit > Copy

  • This option is to make a copy of the existing track so that inversions can be made

  • We can paste this copied track below the original track in the blank space available by doing Edit > Paste or just using Ctrl + V in the case of Windows

  • We can do this up to 3 times to create 4 groups

Can I Download Karaoke Songs For Free

  • The track will be as a whole at first

  • We need to split the stereo into separate channels in order to remove the vocals

  • On the top left, you’ll see a small arrow

  • Click the arrow and select Split Stereo to Mono

  • Now we need to invert the copy track to cut out the vocal part from the center of the stereo

  • Select the copy track

  • Go to the Menu and select Effect > Invert

  • Done

How To Remove Vocals From A Song Online

Now the vocals will be drowned and you’ll hear only the music although some vocals will be present depending upon the song you choose. This process won’t provide 100% results; however, less effort and free availability make it a popular way of creating a Karaoke version of a mainstream song. You should use Karaoke for personal use only and any type of commercial use may generate copyright issues.

More Audio Editing Software And Tools That Can Do Karaoke

There is plenty of software that can help with Karaoke making. We can either buy the paid software or we can use free tools, however, paid tools give better results. Some of the paid and free tools are listed below.

How To Remove Vocals From A Song Using Audacity

Pro Tools

A similar tool like Audacity that helps in inverting the tracks to cancel out the vocals and make a Karaoke. Pro Tools First is free to download and the other higher versions are expensive (For both Mac and Windows).

FL Studio

It is a paid app exclusive for Windows that can make a Karaoke using a process called Phase Cancellation. The method is slightly different from those of Audacity and Pro Tools but easy to follow if you read the guidelines and user manual.

Logic Pro

It is a DAW for Mac OS and makes it even simpler to convert a song into Karaoke. It is also a paid tool.

Karaoke Software For Recording Your Own Tracks (Not For Creating A Karaoke)

Apart from software and tools to create a Karaoke track, there is some software that can help you to use the Karaoke you made in practice. You can simply start the software and select a suitable Karaoke track and start singing following the lyrics shown in the software itself. Some of that software are listed below.

PC DJ Karaoki

As the name suggests, this software is the best for DJ partying. You can add your Karaoke track and start singing with the help of lyric displayed on the screen. It is a paid software.

KaraFun Player

It is a free software for Windows PC. It will be consisting of preloaded karaoke tracks which can be used for free.

One Karaoke

A Microsoft software compatible with Windows PC that helps in recording songs for the preloaded Karaoke tracks. It allows you to add videos with the lyrics that come along with the app.