Does MPC Essentials Come With Sounds?

Answering The Question

Simply put, a MPC element with downloaded MPC Essentials software won’t have any sound sets pre-loaded. Either we should import sound samples from an external audio interface or we should download a 1 GB pre-loaded content from the sound library. If we go for downloading the pre-loaded content, we can use only the default sounds uploaded in the library for our tracks. But if we go for uploading our own samples using an audio interface connected via USB to the computer, we can load any samples and sounds we want and can mix them up later to produce a variety of sounds making up a complete track.

does mpc essentials come with sounds

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Going In Depth – What Is MPC Essentials Software And Why Should We Need It?

Generally MPC is a combination of a drum machine and a sampler that allows you to upload your samples and mix them to produce a track. MPC Essentials is a one-track version of the full MPC software. It is used as a drum beats producer and as a general music sampler at times. It can be downloaded as a plug-in to any Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) and along with a MPC Element.

The Elements Needed For A Music Production

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Traditional music production is done by the manual operation of the musical instruments. After the evolution of computers in almost every field, music is not an exception. The computer also plays an important role in the music industry by producing all the traditional music and sounds electronically even without any instruments in some cases.


In the contemporary music era, it is important to have technologies that enhance the quality of music produced and bring versatility in sound generation. To compose a music track or a completed audio output electronically, one should need some elements and components. Some of the components needed for a computerized music production are listed below.

  • A Computer
  • Digital Audio Workstation Software
  • An interface
  • Monitor
  • Headphones

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

A Digital Audio Workstation is either a standalone software or combination of a computer, a sound card, an audio interface, audio editing software and an audio input device that can be used to add or modify data or samples. These input devices will be something like a MIDI keyboard or a MPC Element. In the case of an MPC Element, one of the software used is the MPC Essentials. Some popular DAWs are listed below.

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Pro Tools – An industry standard DAW that can be used both in a Mac and a PC

Logic – Used only in a Mac for studio recording, mixing and mastering

Reaper – Used in both a Mac and a PC for recording; mixing and mastering at extremely high sample rates.

Ableton Live – Used both in a Mac and a PC mostly for live performances by DJs

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MPC Element

First of all, MPC stands for Music Production Center originally called MIDI production center.

One of the essential instruments for a computer based audio production is the MPC Element that brings the capacity to produce music to your computer. It is hardware. A MPC Element will look like a tablet with drum pads on it. Because of its size, it is the most portable equipment for the music producers out there. The price of a MPC Element will be somewhere around $150. The hardware will be well built with perfect drum pads every music producer will fall in love with. Although the features will be less compared to other MPC controllers, the product is a great addition to the DAW for this price range.

MPC Essentials Software

MPC Essentials software is a tiny part of the whole MPC software kit. It can be used as a plugin to the DAW and is also used to produce multiple instances at once as standalone software. All the functionalities needed to construct an entire track can be provided by this software. However, a standalone version can only support one virtual instrument at a time. But we can load our own samples recorded using an external audio interface and mix them up to produce different tracks. We can load and edit whatever tracks we needed from the bundled library. There will be up to 8 pad banks of 16 pads available. We can add 4 samples per pad so that a total of 512 samples can be added.

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Installing And Uploading The Plugin

You need to have an Akai Pro account page to download the MPC Essentials plug-in. You have to log in to the Akai Pro account or create a new one at first. Then your product will be registered. After that you can download the latest version of MPC Essentials software from the page. The VST plug-in version should be installed in both 32 bit and 64 bit. A Mac user will go for an AYU version. The location of the installation should be noted. Then the plug-in should be scanned into your DAW. The MIDI keyboard should have been set up before we can use the plugin. Do as follows.

Options > Preferences

Click on MIDI Sync/MIDI Link tab

MIDI Ports > Track and Remote – for input

Track and Sync – for output

Loading the plug-in

  • Click Create in Albeton and then click on Insert MIDI Track.
  • Do Category > Plug-ins > MPC Essentials plug-in.
  • Click and drag the MPC Essentials to the MIDI track.
  • The loading is initiated.

You can use multiple instances of producing many different tracks with beats and sounds. This is like mixing up a drum beat along with a piano in two instances. This can be done multiple times.

Unlocking MPC Essentials

After installing the plugin you need to unlock the software program in the system. The steps to unlock the MPC Essentials program are listed below.

    • Connect the MPC Hardware to the computer through a USB cable
    • Now switch ON The MPC Hardware
    • Open the MPC software
    • A dialogue box will appear in which “Unlock Now” should be clicked
    • The next window is for filling the information
    • The MPC will be unlocked once the Unlock now button is clicked if the system is connected to the internet.

If the system is not connected to the internet, some more steps will be needed as listed below

    • Click on “Use web form”
    • Enter all the details asked in the next window without a mistake
    • Click on the “Save details” button if you prefer to do so, or it can be copied to some other files.
    • Enter the copied details in the Akai Pro official website’s MPC page and the “Unlock My MPC” button should be clicked
    • Note the unlock code shown
    • Again in the MPC software’s information filing form, click on the “Enter Code” option
    • Enter Your name and the unlock code you’ve got from the Akai Pro website in the next window
    • When the “Unlock now” button is clicked, MPC software is unlocked in the system

Features And Advantages Of MPC Element Hardware

  • MPC Element hardware consists of some features and advantages. Some of them are listed below.
  • Helps to make your computer a music producing device
  • 16 backlit, multicolor pads with pressure and velocity sensitivity
  • MPC Note Repeat, Full Level, 16 Level, and Tap Tempo
  • MPC Essential Software with 1 GB sound library
  • The power is through USB cable and no power supply is required
  • Completely portable since it has a size of a tablet with 14 mm thickness
  • Standard MIDI
  • MIDI input and MIDI output cables are included

Features and advantages of MPC Essentials Software

  • 32- and 64-bit music production capability
  • Can be used as a Standalone software without an DAW system with help of MPC Element and a variety of tracks can be produced with drum beats dominating the track
  • Can be used with the current Digital Audio Workstation system as a VST, RTAS, or AU plugin
  • Multiple instances can be done simultaneously
  • 1 GB sound library will be available for download that has a gigabyte of sounds and tracks inbuilt that can be used to produce tracks without uploading any samples from external audio interfaces
  • Importing your WAV and AIFF sound samples is also possible and we can assign them to any pad
  • Up to 8 pad banks (assign up to 128 pads), 4 samples and 4 insert effects per pad
  • Hosts VST plugins and automatically maps controls
  • Can be exported to WAV and AIFF


We’ve mentioned everything about MPC Element and MPC Essentials software including the definitions; needs; usage; installation; unlocking; and features. It is clear now that the MPC Essentials plug-in does not come with pre-loaded sounds in it but you will be having an option to download a pre-loaded sound set of 1 gigabyte from the sound library if needed. If you choose not to download the pre-loaded set, you may add samples from external audio devices and sources and then mix them up to produce different tracks. Although it has only limited features and capacity, MPC Essentials is one of the favorite plug-ins for many music producers.