Best Cameras For Music Videos [Reviews 2020]

The more time, thought and effort that you can put into a music video the better it will be. Any camera you use will be good for music videos. The music video pioneered the use of shooting with a whole bunch of different cameras, looks, textures and styles in a single video. First a little bit of history. The original music video was shot live on stage. Band only. Several cameras were then matched on stage life. Additional mixes were then performed outside the stage paintings. The music video was then shot lip-sync at various locations. Then over time, more and more elements were added to the mix. My advice, assemble many things with lenses and shoot music videos using them all.

Each camera has a different look and feel. This difference is a big visual freebie. It is good to obtain a DSLR with a shallow depth of field in the mixture. The variety is excellent. The second music video that seems to be missing is the surprise moment when the viewer turns away from it. Keeping things fresh visually every 3 seconds is a big challenge. The course all depends on the content of the video. If the schematic video was designed to look like a mini-movie, then you would need a traditional cine camera. (Red, DSLR, etc.) But again the amount of time you can spend planning shooting and editing will by far have a greater impact on how the music video looks than a camera hardware choice. Some of the best Cameras For Music Videos options to help you start shooting your videos are as below.

Best Cameras For Music Videos Reviewed

Top Pick

Best Hand Held Video Camera

When it comes to cameras for video recordings, the all new Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Full Frame Digital SLR is the best in its class.It has 30.4 MegaPixel full-outline CMOS sensor for adaptable shooting.It has Up to 7.0 housings consistently reliable shooting speed and 61 point AF system with 41 cross-centers for expanded vertical consideration. EOS 5D Mark IV has an ISO range of 100 32000 with 50 102400 expansion. You can achieve an image quality of 8.8 Megapixel with 4k video nearly at 30p to 24p.

This camera has a Touch screen LCD monitor.The EOS 5D Mark IV conveys high-goals still and 4K video documents with mind boggling lucidity and detail. It features a 30.4-megapixel full-frame sensor with a 61.4 AF system and more operational enhancements. Exposure meter in manual mode at the bottom of the viewfinder, where it should be! 7D Mark II has this on the right side of the viewfinder. More customization of button functions allows quick switch from One Shot to Servo. GPS works and works well, can leave on without battery drain. Overall build and sealing seem as good as the 7D Mark II. 1080p video @ 60p looks great.


  • Excellent Image quality

  • Awesome touch screen

  • Excellent detailing by 30MP sensor.

  • It does not overheat when shooting 4K.


  • Focus points are not far enough out.

  • Lack of articulating screen.

Best Pick

Best Camera For Amateurs

Now in a smaller, more handheld-friendly form factor, the Blackmagic Design from the URSA Mini 4.6K Digital Cinema Camera can record cinematic images with its Super-35mm 4.6K sensor with 15 stops of dynamic range. If you are into filmmaking then the ergonomic body design of Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4.6K Digital Cinema Camera is perfect for this Theside camera’s rosette includes the side handle with which you can control the LANC connection.It has the capacity to record UHD film at 312.5 pace with 444xq pores at 1080p. Prores 422 has a generally irrelevant 5.6 intermediary document.

The URSA mini has a 4-pin XLR at the back which produces sufficient force. It receives good V mount gold mount batteries also. . When associated with power, the URSA can likewise appropriate force during a time 4-pin XLR jack. To deliver artistic pictures, the URSA Mini can record crude sensor information in CinemaDNG group on a CFast 2.0 memory card up to 60 fps. Keeping up after creation adaptability. The URSA Mini UHD records 4K (3840 x 2160) and 1080p video utilizing Ready-to-Edit Prores documents in a few unique flavors inside the 444 and 422 Chroma Sub executing Variety, contingent upon its work process.


  • Incredible for color grading.

  • The Dynamic Range is Amazing

  • Great Value for money

  • Pristine picture quality


  • Slight operating issues

Good Pick

Professional Music Video Cameras

When it comes to capturing the finest moments of life which is loaded with astonishing, cheerful minutes—minutes’ worth recollecting.The D3300 makes it fun and easy to shield those minutes in the comparable greatness they merit: amazing 24.2-megapixel photos and 1080p Full HD videos with tack-sharp nuances, dynamic tones and gently clouded establishments. Highlighting the most recent EXPEED 4 picture preparing motor, 24.2 successful megapixels, picture control and 13 embellishments modes in a lightweight, minimized body that goes wherever you go – the D3300 gives you the opportunity to investigate as in the past With its included long range focal point, the new ultra-minimal AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR II, the D3300 is a little and light HDSLR and simple to utilize, as well.

The Nikon D3300 will astonish you with shocking pictures that motivate inventiveness to the following level. .Photo Quality is Excellent once you learn the proper settings -although you can keep this on AUTO and use it just like a point & shoot camera – your photos will be much better than any P&S camera can do, but once you learn how to change settings for the best shot, you’ll no longer want to keep the dial on AUTO.


  • Photo Quality of this camera is excellent

  • Preset functions are great.

  • Great battery life.


  • Video recording is unreliable.

Great Pick

Digital Camera For Recording Video

This is the choice of millions of photography and video making enthusiasts. The all new GoPro HERO5 Black is the easiest to use GoPro and most powerful ever. It is manufactured with so much technological finesse that you would fall in love with it instantly. It highlights 4K video, voice control, one-button effortlessness, 2 “contact show, and waterproof plan. It likewise has three receivers. It accompanies a battery-powered battery. The programmed camera has a memory card opening for putting away your recordings and pictures. It has an LCD screen to see unmistakably what you are shooting with its fixed non-long range focal point.

Its smaller, lightweight plan is incredible for moving while you are in a hurry. It doesn’t occupy a lot of room so it very well may be put away effectively. The GoPro Hero5 camera includes a smooth balanced out video, perfectly clear sound and professional quality photograph catch, joined with GPS to make it the best Creates … also, when it’s an ideal opportunity to alter and share, it consequently transfers film to your Plus Cloud record to give simple access to your telephone does. At that point, you can make astonishing recordings consequently with the Quick, GoPro altering application. This camera has worked in WIFI and Bluetooth innovation.


  • Great versatility

  • Ideal for Mobile shooting

  • Great image and video quality


  • It lacks accessories and does not come with a case.

Our Pick

Best Camera For Music Video Shooting

Deliver unsurpassed imagery and production value for news, sports, and independent broadcasts with the JVC GY-HM620U ProHD Professional Mobile News Camcorder. Its advanced JVC Falcon Hybrid picture processor gives the best account in an assortment of mainstream organizations that don’t require tedious transformation for altering. Not exclusively will you be able to create better quality accounts, yet you will do it in less time than previously. In light of JVC’s famous GY-HM600, the new 620 is very flexible and simple to use with an unrivaled low-light execution for cutting edge securing.

Outfitted with a top notch 23x Fujinon focal points and three, recently created 1/3 inch CMOS sensors, the camera offers wonderful sharpness and great low-light execution. Though a bit pricey than its counterparts, still this is the most advanced technology used camera. It has an enhanced remote controlled connector which is wired. It also boasts of in built stereo microphone which is really advantageous in shooting expeditions or outdoor shootings. Another amazing feature it possesses is it gives the user the option of time lapse interval recordings. It also has the advanced option of optical image stabilizer which provides the best video shooting results.


  • Quick focus in low light.

  • Great auto white balance.

  • Very convenient to use.

  • Amazing end image quality.


  • Live streaming is not possible.

  • Does not support 4k.

Buying Guide For Music Video Camera

In the ever-changing, creative universe of video-generation, settling on another camcorder-buying choice requires forward-thinking information on the most recent innovations accessible, just as a comprehension of time tested innovation. A handheld camera can shoot HD video, yet would you as a “proficient” videographer remain without a fair estimated camera or strong tripod on your shoulder? As you take a gander at a wide scope of cameras, when you face uncertainty, remember your clients. Indeed, even experienced experts should set aside some effort to inquire about the horde choices offered, at that point cautiously figure out which camera suits their needs. The buying decision for music video camera depends mainly on your need, your efficiency, and your targets and of course your budget. After you have figured out these aspects the main focus should be on the following four points:

1. FPS( Frame per second): Always reach out for and buy the camera with greater FPS. The FPS is directly proportional to the detailing of the video. The greater the FPS the more would be the detail of the video. If you are into shooting music videos or do wedding shoots of high profile clients then you need a camera with more than 30 FPS.

2. Auto Focus: Auto focus is a must have for anyone dealing in making videos. It not only gives you a better output but also saves a hell lot of time. But if you want to achieve more than an average result and are willing to shed a few extra dollars, then you must always choose a camera which gives manual controls in addition to the auto focus option.

3. ISO Rating: Always choose a model of camera which has ISO rating that is expandable. This feature is important as it allows you to enhance your camera model if you want to shoot in conditions where the light is not favorable.

4. Mega Pixels: Megapixels are really important aspects to keep in mind while buying a music camera. Low megapixel cameras are a strict no-no. Music videos always choose cameras which have high megapixels, as it gives the best output results in terms of clarity. It would be advisable to use 20MP or above cameras for best results.

Frequently Asked Question's

Q1 What Cameras Are Used For Music Videos?

Cameras which provide a great image and video quality are most preferred for a music video. No one likes to shoot a music video on a low pixel and low FPS as it would give a really poor outcome. So the next camera is the one with great FPS and megapixel with amazing video output.

Q2 What Cameras Are Good For Music Videos?

Again the key to a great music video lies in the quality of the outcome. Variety of points like FPS, auto focus, megapixels and even ISO rating should be kept in mind for getting a good quality music video camera.

Q3 What Cameras Did They Use For 80s Music Videos?

In the 80s the most used camera for music videos was VHS cameras. If someone had more budget than they used 16mm cameras or even 35mm cameras, especially in the big productions.

Q4 What Cameras Are Good For Music Videos?

Any camera which offers a good video can be considered a good music video camera. But many aspects make a good camera, attributes like megapixel, FPS etc. come into play to produce a great video quality.

Q5 What Cameras Do People Use For Music Videos On The Weekend?

People like to capture good weekend music through videos, a good quality video camera enhances this while a bad camera ruins your joy. Mostly DSLRs are used for this purpose and the best ones with which you can capture your weekend music bliss is stated in this blog.


As far as getting the best music videos, putting resources into the best music camcorder is an outright basic and even necessity. There are such huge numbers of cameras accessible available and settling on an educated choice can be very troublesome, on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea what you are doing, you can without much of a stretch purchase an off-base camera. In this blog we have evaluated 5 best cameras for music recordings alongside their advantages and disadvantages to assist you with making a simple decision. Choose wisely.