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Hi I'm Amanda Paulson

Hello there you music lovers, my name is Amanda Paulson and am an audiophile. I am from Union City Tennessee the city where Chastity Brown was raised. Music has been in my blood since birth. I and my Husband Brain have been performing throughout Tennessee and other states with our band ‘Emerald Empire band’ for the past one decade now. Our love for music has taken us too many places and helped us meet music legends.

We have collaborated with many music and audio equipment companies like Gibson Guitar, L&L sales Co, Huber banjos, Pearl Corporation etc. I have been in the designing panel of Gibson Guitar as well in the year 2012. I have expertise in musical instruments and Karaoke machines. I have been the guest Judge at Beale Street Music festival, Memphis and main Judge at Bloomin barbeque and bluegrass, Sevierville.

Our group was the winner at Exit 56 blues, Brownsville and first runner up at CMA music festival, Nashville. With so much music attached with me, I discussed with Brain and thought of sharing my expertise with music enthusiasts all over. So why don’t you join me in this melodious musical journey.



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