Portable CD Player For A Car With USB Connection

Humanity owes a lot to technology. What was once only obtainable to a select few can be accessed by many through a button. One such feat that humans have achieved is the Portable CD player. It can be challenging at first to find the perfect portable CD player for your vehicle at first, but that does not mean there’s a lack of options.

Today’s market offers some excellent high-quality portable CD players with incredible sound quality and a range of features for music lovers. There’s all of this and so much more! They remain an economical substitute for the more expensive iPods and MP3 players. They’re valuable to anybody who likes to relax without worrying about their device’s durability and battery life.

External CD Player For A Car: A Quick Look Up

★ Best Overall ★

Gueray 1400mAh Cd Player

Gueray 1400mAh Cd Player
  • Advanced Anti-Shock Systems
  • 1400mh Power Lithium Battery
  • Smooth Appearance & LCD Display

★ Premium Choice ★

Hott CD611 Portable Player

Hott CD611 Portable Player
  • High Quality And Fidelity
  • Charging Is Also Very Fast
  • Most Compatible And User-Friendly

★ Best Budget ★

Jinhoo Bluetooth Cd Player

Jinhoo Bluetooth Cd Player
  • Faster Bluetooth Connection
  • Ultra Lightweight And Easy To Use
  • Unique Design & Features

Top 5 USB Cd Player For Car

Gueray Portable CD Player

gueray portable cd player review

With a 1400mh lithium battery, the Gueray Portable CD player is a classic black pick convenient to carry anywhere. It includes various modern features and is widely compatible with CD, MP3 CD, CD-R, HDCD formats, and other audible devices. It would work best if you checked that the disc format is compatible, though, or else it won’t work.

This portable CD player gives you more choices and is perfect for music enthusiasts since there are five sound effects and 4 Play Modes: Repeat a track, Repeat ALL, Play the first 10s of the file, Play in random order. You can connect it to your speakers, headsets, or car, and enjoy your favorite music.

It comes with a USB cable and an AUX cable and can be fully charged in 4 hours. The Gueray Portable CD Player comes with a 12-month warranty. It makes for a perfect gift with a superior sound system. If you’re searching for a portable CD player for car with USB connection, this could be just the thing you’re looking for.


  • Portable and convenient to carry
  • Wide compatibility
  • Comes with a USB charger
  • Superior sound system
  • 12-month warranty


  • The set-up might be complicated for some buyers.
  • Does not work with all disc formats.

Naviskauto Rechargeable Portable CD Player

is there a portable cd player for a car?

This compact and portable CD player has been designed with adults and kids alike in mind and supports multiple audio formats like MP3, CD, and WMA. It does not support Bluetooth, but it comes with a 4.9 feet AUX cable.

It’s a user-friendly CD player with a backlight for LED display and buttons, making it easy to operate. The Naviskauto CD player supports five sound effects — BBS, POP, JAZZ, ROCK, CLASSIC.

There are five playback modes – Play in order, Repeat one song, Repeat all songs, Shuffle, Play first 10 seconds per track. With a long battery life that works up to 12 hours, it’s a pick that will satisfy you as a consumer with its super anti-shock system.

Of course, this product does not fail in terms of sound quality either, and a bonus point goes to its sleek look. You can listen to your audiobooks or favorite albums, or gift it to the older adults in your family since it’s so easy to use.


  • Wide compatibility.
  • Easy to use with LED display and buttons.
  • Long-lasting, rechargeable batteries.
  • Comes with 4.9 feet AUX cable.
  • Has a sleek, impressive look.


  • Does not support Bluetooth.

Monodeal Rechargeable Portable Personal Compact CD Player

external cd player for car

With a fantastic 15-hour playing time, this Monodeal CD player can be used anywhere you like. You can carry the player with you in your car, listen to music while on a bus, or even a flight.

It’s a very light and compact CD player that comes with a carry bag, and its rechargeable batteries erase the issue of replacing batteries again and again.

This portable cd player for car with aux and USB convenient to operate with its backlight design.
It also comes with an earphones and a carry bag. Its advanced anti-skip and anti-shock technology make it perfect for use even while walking or running.

It works with all cars with a 3.5 mm auxiliary port. It supports most of the audio formats and has five playback modes – Play in order, Repeat one track, Repeat all tracks, Play in random order, Play the first 10 seconds of per track.

Its portability and enhanced technology make it an excellent option for audiobook lovers and music enthusiasts, and even students and kids.There’s also a 1-year replacement offer with this product, so you can try it and test if it satisfies you.


  • 15-hour playtime.
  • Convenient to use.
  • This IPX7 has 10 W power driver.
  • Comes with a USB cable, AUX cable, earphones, and carry bag.
  • Compatible with most audio formats.
  • 1 year replacement offer.


  • May not be compatible with some audio formats.

HOTT CD611 Portable CD Player

portable cd player with speakers

Hott has been producing in this sphere for the last twenty years, and the incredible reputation attached to the brand is reason enough to trust the product.

With a higher fidelity sound than the other average CD players, HOT CD611 Portable CD Player has wide compatibility with most audio formats.

There are the standard functions, keys, and features as a part of this product and its anti-shock function, enabling an uninterrupted session of listening to music.

It’s a stylish black colored CD player with LCD display and comes with stereo earphones, USB cable, and 3.5 mm audio cable. It’s a small, lightweight, and portable CD player for car with a USB connection.

It does not have an in-built speaker, but you can use it with the cable provided. The HOTT CD611 has a technology that withstands minor shocks, so it’s recommended to not use it while running. There is not an in-built battery, so you cannot charge it.


  • Higher fidelity sound than most.
  • Comes with stereo earphones, USB cable, and 3.5mm audio cable.
  • Anti-shock function.
  • Brand reputation and reliability.


  • Does not have an in-built speaker.
  • Cannot withstand severe shocks –not recommended to use while running.

JINHOO Bluetooth Portable CD Player

best portable auto cd player

The disadvantage that many users face with other CD players is their lack of compatibility with Bluetooth. But this option is a portable CD player with Bluetooth for the car, and that makes this Jinhoo’s product so different from the rest.

It auto-detects and connects with nearby Bluetooth headphones and speakers, and is both portable and rechargeable. It’s a convenient CD player with an in-built lithium battery and can be used for ten hours after easily charging it to the full. It has anti-shock protection and anti-skip technology and can be used with most CD formats.

You also get one earbud, a 3.5mm audio cable, a USB charging cable, and a lovely portable CD player. There are four playback modes -Repeat a track, Repeat All, Play first 10s of a file, Play in random order.

It’s also an affordable and lightweight option that works efficiently. The sound quality is fantastic, which will impress all those who appreciate good CD players. You can also use an external speaker if you’re not comfortable with the earbuds, since wireless technology allows you to opt for alternatives. There’s a 12-month return policy with this product.


  • Connects with Bluetooth.
  • Impressive sound.
  • Anti-shock protection and anti-skip technology.
  • Affordable.


  • The LED is small.


Finding CD players for cars with auxiliary input can help you get rid of boredom in many ways. You can find a convenient and affordable external cd player for a car from the above-listed options. The options range from portable DVD players for cars to lightweight players that have Bluetooth and wireless technology. It serves as the perfect gift for pregnant women, students, senior adults, and kids.

From audiobooks to indie music, these economical devices that allow you to relax with a button are nothing less than delightful. You can select any portable CD player according to your convenience and requirements, and bring it with yourself whenever you go out in a car.