The Kove Speaker Review – Reality check

The biggest problem that buyers face is the technical terms that make it difficult to understand or compare two products.

Well, you cannot change the way the industry advertises its products, but you can make a smart decision based on a clear understanding of the products.

If you can make sense of the different terms and get a clear rating of each functionality or feature, you can pick the best product without the need for any endorsement whatsoever.

This review of the Kove Commuter Portable Bluetooth Speaker will arm you with all the information that you need to know, to help you decide on going with this or choosing another model.

Let’s start with some background information on what you need to look for in Bluetooth speakers, before we look closely at the tech specs.

#1 Battery/Playtime: The very term portable means that you intend to take it along, without the need for having the speaker plugged in to a power socket. You need a speaker that offers good battery life. Never fall for shady terms that are typically used when referring to battery time. The unit of measurement is mAh, and it is essential to look not only at the mAh of the battery but the amount of power required by the speakers to understand if the playtime claims are realistic or hype.

#2 Sound Reproduction – The frequency response: You need your speaker to be able to reproduce sound with greater fidelity. This can only come with a speaker that has a wide frequency range to be able to give you a truly amazing experience. The unit of measurement is Hz and typically marked as a range; most speakers in the market have a frequency response of around 100 – 20,000 Hz.

kove commuter 2 speaker

#3 Size of Drivers: The driver size will determine the effect of your speakers. Therefore you need one that is reasonably sized, like 40mm for instance.

The bigger the driver size, the better will be the output; however, you will not have the liberty of scaling up the driver size, as this will automatically mean that you will need a large speaker.

A portable speaker obviously cannot be large and unwieldy to carry around. The unit of measurement is typically in mm.

#4 Build Quality: Let’s face reality here – portable speakers are certainly not going to be treated with the same care as speakers positioned indoors.

You may have to pack in your speakers in available space as you travel, and you may position it in the most improbable of places when outdoors. Therefore, the build quality has to be rugged to take the rough in its stride. This includes water resistance, which is typically rated as IPxx.

#5 Value Addition – Additional useful features: In a world where most products of a category look alike or function with similar features, it is important to choose one that offers something unique. However, the feature needs to be of real use and not some vanity metric or feature. For instance, if it could be paired with another speaker for dual mono stereo, or if it has convenient charging options, it will certainly be of use.

The Kove Commuter Portable Speaker

Tech Specs

  • Battery – 4000 mAh, 8 hours of playtime
  • Bass subwoofer, 10 watts
  • Water resistant – IPX4 rating
  • USB Charging, 3.5 mm aux input
  • Bluetooth 4.2, 30 feet connectivity
  • NFC connectivity
  • Inbuilt microphone, can be used as speakerphone
kove bluetooth speaker

Ten Points That Make The Kove Commuter Portable Speaker A Fast Selling Model

kove bluetooth speaker

The Best Deal

#1. The Kove Commuter Portable Speaker packs in quite a punch in a portable model. The design is absolutely stunning – the rotary controls, the 360 degree sound and the water bottle design make this a sleek and sophisticated speaker to take outdoors.

#2. The features are loaded onto the compact model, delivering stunning performance. The tiny speaker blasts out 10 watts, the bass subwoofer giving a deep thump, combining with the superior sound reproduction for an amazing experience.

#3. Six to eight hours of playtime depending on the volume makes this a great companion outdoors. This is more or less the average time that one may require outdoors, and the USB charging cable makes this compatible to use with power banks, in case you need to use this for extended periods without charging.

#4. IPX4 rating means that the speaker offers protection and is resistant to water splashed onto the speaker. You can carry it outdoors and have it beside you on the pool without any apprehensions. This also makes it the perfect speaker to have during your workouts, or outdoor training sessions.

#5. With NFC, connecting to a Bluetooth device is a song. Just tap it on devise with Bluetooth and you are connected. No more complex pairing options that take away the charm of portable speakers.

#6. 3.5 mm aux input permits you to use the speaker with devices that do not have Bluetooth connectivity. This also prevents drops or gaps in audio which may impact the experience of listening to music outdoors.

#7. The inbuilt microphone helps you make this a two way affair, giving you the ability to turn it into a speakerphone.

kove commuter speaker

#8. Simplified controls make the Kove a winning design. The rotary controls atop the speaker allow you to easily adjust volumes; while other controls help you to play/pause tracks choose a suitable mode with a single flick.

#9. The build quality is good enough, you can take it anywhere easily. The compact size makes this a huge relief from the unwieldy models that are available in the market. You will not find it difficult to take it out with you, and use it anywhere.

#10. The low power indicator is a thoughtful design, as users are likely to forget all about the battery when in a party. The simple indicator and the USB charging option help users to quickly plug in a source to extend the playtime.

What’s Not Too Good With The Kove Commuter Portable Speaker

The speaker emits a loud pairing noise that when you attempt to pair the speaker with a device. This could be frustrating and embarrassing (depending on where you are) as the sound does not end, till the pairing is successful. It is loud and there is nothing that one can do about it, other than waiting for the pairing to conclude faster.

About the company – Kove is based in Newport, California that specializes in speakers. This is good as the focus of the company is entirely on speakers – this effectively means that you are dealing with a specialist manufacturer.

The Verdict On Kove Commuter Portable Bluetooth Speakers

This is a better choice for outdoor use and will be very handy when you do not want to be away from your music. The 360 deg sound, that blasts from the 10 watts speaker promises to give you exceptional sound quality.

The sleek design and the compact size make this a stylish speaker to have around when working out or relaxing outdoors. The IPX4 rating, NFC and Bluetooth connectivity gives the portable speaker compelling features that make it a great choice at a reasonable price.

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