The Blackweb Rugged Bluetooth Speaker Review – an audiophile’s perspective

Are you stuck in your decision of choosing a Bluetooth Speaker? Are you finding it difficult to conclusively decide or reject the Blackweb Bluetooth Speaker in your purchase decision? Here’s a way out – get all the information about the speaker in one place, and make an informed decision. This ready reckoner will help you understand each functionality lucidly, arming you with the ability to take a call on buying.

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  • Tech specs of the Blackweb Bluetooth speaker
  • What you need to look for in a Bluetooth speaker
  • Comparison to check if the Blackweb ticks all the boxes
  • A 32-bit RMFX processor 16 reverbs, delays and choruses.
blackweb bluetooth speaker review

Blackweb Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  • Model Number – BWA18AA011
  • Battery – 12 hours playtime
  • Root Mean Square Power – 10W
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Inbuilt speakerphone
  • IPX5 waterproof rating
  • USP – 1500 hours of standby power; pairs two speakers simultaneously

While the features appear standard and similar to most other brands available in the market, it packs quite a few innovative abilities that make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable. Let’s decipher each of the features closely to understand how it will add to the user experience.

Battery – The Blackweb Portable Bluetooth speaker has exceptionally long battery power. In addition to the 12 hours of playtime which is itself 30% more than most speakers of the same category, it offers 1500 hours of standby power. This is phenomenal, which means that you can keep the speaker on for more than two months on standby. Presently, very models match the standby power offered by this model.

RMS 10 W- For a compact speaker of this size, the speaker blasts out 10W of RMS, which means that you can get continuous power of 10W with occasional surge in peak power that makes the whole experience thoroughly enjoyable. From an audiophile perspective, 10W of power in a portable speaker is probably all that you will need outdoors. If you need ear-splitting volumes, then you need a different category of speakers and systems. For outdoor use in small gatherings, this is a great choice, and will deliver lively, vibrant and a rich music experience.

Bluetooth connectivity enables the pairing of the device with phones, laptops, tablets and desktops with ease. The added value is the ability to pair two speakers simultaneously which helps in outdoor atmosphere where loud music will help enhance the experience. The speaker phone helps you to receive and make calls easily with crystal clear clarity.

The IPX5 waterproof rating makes it splash proof, which means that you can take the speaker to the poolside confidently. This rating also makes this the ideal companion during workouts, as you will not have to worry about sweat or spilled drinks affecting performance.

Features That You Need To Look Out For In A Bluetooth Speaker

Before you start your search for the perfect Bluetooth speaker, it is necessary to know the distinction between features. For instance, there are features that the speaker “needs to have”, and features that are “nice to have”. You should ideally look first for the “need to have” features, following which you can look at the “nice to have” features. These features can give a model or models an edge over others that are evenly matched in all other areas. Let’s first look at what a good Bluetooth speaker should offer you.

blackweb bluetooth speaker

1. Is It Portable?

The purpose of opting for a Bluetooth speaker is ideally to have one that can be carted around easily. It should not be bulky or unwieldy and should not have an odd shape.

2. Does It Have Good Battery Life?

A Bluetooth speaker without a good battery life is a poor choice. Not only do you have to look at the capacity in terms of mAh, but it is also essential to look at the power consumption to determine the supported playtime. A speaker that draws too much power will drain the battery faster, and regardless of the capacity, you will be left with less playtime.

3. How Good Is The Connectivity?

Thought, at present, Bluetooth 5 is the latest version, you can choose a Bluetooth speaker with version 4.2 or higher. This will give you capabilities and connectivity that is good enough and will meet all your needs. The higher the version, the better the connectivity and lesser latency.

4. What Is The Size Of The Driver?

This is the physical size and ideally, you need to look at portable Bluetooth speakers that have 40mm drivers. This is the standard size. Though there are models with bigger driver size, this will impact the overall size of the portable speaker. You may therefore have to make a tradeoff between driver size (performance) and size of the speaker. If you are more inclined towards thump and loudness, then you need to sacrifice portability. If you need portability, you need to compromise on driver size. The best bet is to have one with 40 mm driver size.

5. Is The Sound Quality Exceptional?

The sound quality depends on the speaker arrangement. Do not be deceived by claims of stereo sound. Presently, all Bluetooth speakers only offer dual mono stereo when paired with other speakers. There really is no stereo with Bluetooth speakers that are portable. The sound quality depends on the RMS power and the Peak power. Any speaker that offers 10W or more RMS is good to have.

6. Does The Speaker Have A Rugged Build?

As you intend to take the speakers outdoors, there is a possibility that you may have to use it on rough terrains. The speaker is likely to experience some kind of movement. Therefore, choose model that has a rugged build, which can be placed anywhere, without getting scratched. It should have at least basic waterproof rating.

Rating The Blackweb Bluetooth Portable Speaker

The Blackweb Bluetooth Portable Speaker rates at an impressive overall rating of 4.6 out of 5. This happens to be one of the speakers with the best user feedback and satisfaction, which helped it score higher. Despite not having NFC, or a big driver, the speaker scores impressively. It packs a punch through the 10W RMS in a compact and sleek design. The build quality is exceptional and the performance is better than standard. This combination makes it a good speaker to have for outdoor use.

Improvements That Will Make It A Better Product

The battery life is undoubtedly good in the first months after purchase, but it gradually reduces over a period of time. This needs to be addressed at the earliest to help improve the product and make the battery life consistent and long lasting.

About Blackweb

Blackweb is a wholly owned by Wal-Mart Inc., the global retail chain. Blackweb is a premium brand that manufactures electronics and accessories through Wal-Mart and other stores. In addition to Bluetooth speakers, the company manufactures MP3 docking stations, and an entire range of computer and electronic accessories. The brand has a reputation among buyers for products of exceptional quality. It is regarded as one among the more reliable of brands, and actual reviews of products reflect high ratings and a positive experience.

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