2 Choices For A Karaoke Microphone With Songs That Is Portable And Easy To Use

Karaoke have become a very popular and modern choice for entertainment. An ideal karaoke system that can function without depending on any other outside electronic system should contain one or two microphones, a good video unit to display the lyrics legibly or correctly, an audio unitor speakers and an amplifier. But the karaoke system has evolved too. Now the karaoke microphone is being manufactured in a way that has in-built speakers and in-built song chip with several pre-recorded songs. These days you can buy one such updated microphone and connect it to your television set to display the lyrics of the song playing. They are often called ‘Magic Sing’ microphones. The interesting news is that song chips can be bought in case you do not like the song collection or you want some new collection as well. Just contact the manufacturer; then a system-compatible song chip will be provided to you.

Following are 2 choices for a karaoke microphone with songs that is portable and easy to use. Both of them are being manufactured by “Magic Sing’. Magic Sing is well known for manufacturing state of the art and compact karaoke machines. Customer review profile is also very well. The two models are:

  • The Magic Sing ET 18000 Model: The features of the karaoke model are:
  • Attractive design
  • Wireless and completely digital microphone; two in number for a duet experience.
  • It has 64 channels of music with musical notations.
  • The microphone has more than 2000 English songs; the exact number is 2070.
  • The system is provided with a score board function.
  • You can search songs on this machine in real time.
  • There is also a remote control device in the kit.
  • There is a complete set of instruction manuals for the ease of usage.
  • Audio and video input cords are also given in this model.
  • The Magic Sing ET 19000 Model: The features of the karaoke model are:
  • This one is an all-in-one karaoke system. The wireless microphones are enabled with multiple functions.
  • There are 2300 songs in this model. Some should surely be your favorite songs on which you would like to perform a karaoke. Also there are 22 songs in which there is some level of vocal assistance.
  • The powerful wireless microphone allows you a movement distance of 35 feet away from the karaoke machine.
  • The 8 GB SD card memory is also a very useful feature.
  • A real time scoring board is an additional feature. In fact it allows the singer to be judged in three different levels: the beginner, intermediate and the expert or the professional. Thus you can actually mark your improvement with this karaoke machine.
  • Customization another brilliant feature of this machine. There are approximately 100 options for customized settings. The background of the display screen cam also be customized. There are nine ways of doing so.